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Chicken and broccoli pasta salad Recipe

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The following recipe of chicken salad that I will share with you, is one of my favorites, the reason: it is a complete meal. In Mexico, you usually eat first a soup or a pasta and then a stew, but with this pasta salad with chicken and brocoli you have everything in one dish. In addition, the combination of its main ingredients pasta, chicken, broccoli, and pepper results in a true delight when you add a little cream at the time of serving. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Imprimir Ensalada de pasta con pollo y brócoli. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Ensaladas Cocina / Cuisine: Mexicana Tiempo de Preparación:  20 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  15 mins Tiempo Total:  35 mins Porciones: 4 [...]

Honey glazed chicken with garlic. Recipe

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Chicken is one of the most meat we consume in Mexico, as well as that goes very well with our traditional cuisine is economical, and being a noble meat, allows us to accompany it with almost anything. Today, I share a very simple recipe, similar to the Asian marinated chicken that we recommended for Christmas party, but with ingredients that we usually have in our kitchen. It is a honey glazed chicken with garlic. To prepare it, you need as basic ingredients such as garlic, butter, lemon, honey and herbs. I had already told you before, that when it comes to herbs most often I use a mixture of dried Italian herbs, which consists of oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary primarily, but if  we don't [...]

Chicken breasts in sweet pepper cream. Recipe for Christmas

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Today's recipe has a story, and is that was part of the menu I served the first Christmas that I hat to organize. At that time, we just changed our residence and at home only had a simple two burner stove, so dinner required to be not very complicated and do not need oven. Among look here and there, I decided to prepare these chicken breasts in sweet pepper cream, and the result was much better than I expected. Now that I analyze it, I realize that the taste and texture are warranted for two ingredients that always give a twist to any dish: cream cheese and evaporated milk, ingredients which in this date I still buy in Philadelphia and Carnation Clavel trademarks, because their quality is not [...]

Creamy Lemon Chicken. Recipe

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December is here! and we continue with the task of finding the best recipes for Christmas and New Year. This week, our proposal is a creamy lemon chicken, a Christmas recipe that has a great taste and we can prepare without using the oven. You know that chicken is one of the most noble meat, and it always combine wonderfully with lemon. It's as if both ingredients were right for each other. Thinking about Christmas dinner, I opted to use chicken breasts because them look much better on the table and are juicy and tender if we cook it the right way. However, if the budget does not allow it, or if we prepare this for any weekday, there's no problem in using other chicken [...]

Asian marinated chicken. Recipe

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Over the weekend a reader told me that she was already looking for easy Christmas recipes, so that although it is still November, I will begin to share some recipes to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I know many of you prefer to serve on these dates something untraditional, either for lack of time, for economy, because you don't know how to prepare the most representative dishes or just for be different. So, the proposal is this delicious Asian marinated chicken, flavorful, visually striking and really easy. You will see that the process is very simple, the marination time can range from one to 24 hours, and prepare the marinade does not take more than 5 minutes. Of course, the higher marination time is, the [...]

Chicken and celery. Recipe

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Surely I'm not the only one who's this happened. I buy a brunch of celery for a recipe that only uses a pair of stalks and I ended with a large remaining celery. When that happens, I do not hesitate to make a chicken salad with celery, apple and walnuts, because personally I enjoy more raw celery. And sometimes I make this recipe for chicken and celery, a recipe that has only two main ingredients, so it's also easy and inexpensive. When is freshly made, the flavor of our chicken and celery is not very strong, but if we do it overnight we'll find that the flavor is very intense, so those who like celery will love it. To make the flavor and experience even [...]

Creamy chicken with spinach and corn. Recipe

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The following recipe for creamy chicken with spinach and corn is very easy and quick to prepare, also it's very nutritious, light and cheap. It's for those days when you want to eat something delicious, but do not have enough time or desire to cook. This creamy chicken with spinach and corn can be served with a sabory bread, french baguette is perfect for it. As first dish may be pasta seasoned only with olive oil and chopped parsley. Imprimir Pollo en crema con espinacas y elote. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Chicken Cocina / Cuisine: Mexican Tiempo de Preparación:  10 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  20 mins Tiempo Total:  30 mins Porciones: 4   Ingredientes / Ingredients 2 halfs of chicken breasts, skinless and boneless 2 bunches spinach, [...]

Chicken and black bean salad with orange vinaigrette. Recipe

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In these days of summer, where the heat is at maximum we like to eat fresh salads, cold desserts, ice cream, and the like. That is why, it is a good time to prepare this chicken and black bean salad with orange vinaigrette. This is a recipe that also has only 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which is equivalent to a cup, making it a complete food ideal for people living with diabetes, and of course, for those who are on diet or need a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein. But hey!, to eat healthy we not need to have any of the above conditions. Imprimir Chicken and black bean salad with orange vinaigrette. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Chicken Cocina [...]