Mexican red rice. Recipe

Red rice or mexican rice, is one of the basic recipes that in every Mexican kitchen  should be known. It is a traditional recipe, full of flavor that accompanies most of our moles and other dishes. It serves as the perfect entry for both, a daily meal or a holiday, and may even be the basis for an unplanned lunch. It is simply amazing. We see it served at the best parties and celebrations in our towns, accompanying Poblano or Oaxacan Mole, or other less named but equally delicious moles, but also we see it served in tacos, or become a complete lunch next to a banana and fried eggs. It is able to accompany the most exquisite and elaborate dishes of our cuisine, but it is [...]

Lemon pie with cream cheese. Recipe

It's summer, and it seems nothing more at this time that refreshing desserts. Months ago, when I published the recipe of lemon pie with Marías crackers, you asked me for the recipe of lemon pie with cream cheese, and there's no better days to do it that these.  Again, it's a dessert that does not need to turn on the oven and requires few ingredients. Top it off, the main mix is made it in a blender, making it more easier. To the pie crust, some of you will want to add a couple of tablespoons of sugar. This time, I didn't, because the contrast of condensed milk and lemon is well accompanied by a crust that has not greater pretensions. Imprimir Lemon pie with cream cheese. [...]

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Chicken coconut nuggets

This recipe for chicken coconut nuggets is one of those that will become a favorite of kids and adults at home. Personally, I don’t like dry coconut, for me, nothing like fresh coconut. For this reason, I think twice before making this recipe, but I must admit that when I tasted it, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a recipe that really takes very few ingredientes, basically are chicken, coconut and other dairy ingredients. They have a slightly sweet flavor that blends perfectly with a juicy and well flavored chicken.  At home, we have served it with ketchup, buffalo sauce and I’m sure that with a vinaigrette made with peaches, green chile and cranberries it will end up being a real temptation. Imprimir Chicken and coconut [...]

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