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French toast with strawberry jam. Recipe

  Everyone has their own recipe for French toast, and many of us have enjoyed it in our homes since our childhood. We can not deny that it is truly delicious as well as easy, so it is the perfect breakfast to start our day. On this occasion, instead of the classic French toast, I share a French toast recipe filled with strawberry jam to give it a different touch in flavor and presentation. You can use the jam that you like the most, at home, we like to use the strawberry, blackberry, the pear and even the fig jams.   Imprimir French toast with strawberry jam recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Breakfast Tiempo de Preparación:  5 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  15 mins Tiempo Total:  [...]

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How to make crêpes. Recipe

In recent years, one of the fastest dishes began to look more at the malls are crêpes stuffed with sweet or savory treats. The crêpes are of French origin, and its preparation is quite simple and inexpensive, so we can draw on them at home to prepare a quick dessert, or to do something different for dinner. With its delicate texture, crêpes are the perfect wrap for almost any type of food. We can make them in any nonstick skillet or in a special pan for pancakes, I use one with 9-inch diameter. To prevent sticking crêpes, we must ensure wash and dry it properly, then heating and greased. When making the dough, we must be careful not beat the dough too much, because if [...]

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Mashed potatoes. Recipe

A couple of months ago a reader asked me how to make smooth mashed potatoes and I realized that I hadn't publish the recipe, although it's one of those dishes than we often eat at home. After all, is the perfect accompaniment to red meats and even fish. Also, I have not yet met who do not like it. If we want to achieve a smooth and creamy mashed potatoes instead of a dry and crumbly, then there are some little secrets that begin with choosing good potatoes. In Mexico, we are fortunate that our fields produce about 20 types of potatoes. For our purposes, we must look for white potatoes with flat and thin shell, taking care that they aren't very new, as these [...]

Mexican red rice. Recipe

Red rice or mexican rice, is one of the basic recipes that in every Mexican kitchen  should be known. It is a traditional recipe, full of flavor that accompanies most of our moles and other dishes. It serves as the perfect entry for both, a daily meal or a holiday, and may even be the basis for an unplanned lunch. It is simply amazing. We see it served at the best parties and celebrations in our towns, accompanying Poblano or Oaxacan Mole, or other less named but equally delicious moles, but also we see it served in tacos, or become a complete lunch next to a banana and fried eggs. It is able to accompany the most exquisite and elaborate dishes of our cuisine, but it is [...]