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Tres leches cake (milk cake) recipe

This year, I've been asked multiple times to share the recipe for the tres leches cake that we all love so much in Mexico. It's one of those homemade cakes that we truly relish, and for celebrating a birthday, it's often among the top choices. Interestingly, it happens to be my husband's favorite cake, and his birthday was this month. So, I indulged his preference and baked it. We enjoyed it so much! and it disappeared very quickly. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to snap some photos, ensure the recipe's quality, and share it with all of you. Imprimir Pastel de tres leches. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Pasteles y Tartas Cocina / Cuisine: Mexicana Tiempo de Preparación:  30 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  [...]

French toast with strawberry jam. Recipe

  Everyone has their own recipe for French toast, and many of us have enjoyed it in our homes since our childhood. We can not deny that it is truly delicious as well as easy, so it is the perfect breakfast to start our day. On this occasion, instead of the classic French toast, I share a French toast recipe filled with strawberry jam to give it a different touch in flavor and presentation. You can use the jam that you like the most, at home, we like to use the strawberry, blackberry, the pear and even the fig jams.   Imprimir French toast with strawberry jam recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Breakfast Tiempo de Preparación:  5 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  15 mins Tiempo Total:  [...]

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Cream cheese flan. Recipe

I have notice, dear readers, that you like desserts too much. Me too!, so I'll tray to post desserts more often, sweet recipes that make us easier to handle our day. Today, I share with you the recipe for a traditional Mexican dessert that everybody loves: the cream cheese flan. It's a really refreshing dessert, perfect to serve in any season, but also, it's a really easy dessert to prepare. We can do it in the oven, in the pressure cooker or even on the stove top if we hadn't an opportunity to cook it with other options. At home, I usually do it in a flan ring with lid, but we can also occupy the same recipe to make individual portions, although in that [...]

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Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Recipe

The carrot cake traces its history to the Middle Ages, a period in which sweeteners were scarce and therefore too expensive, so in those years was not uncommon carrots and beets were used for added sweetness to cakes and other desserts . Currently, it is one of the most popular cakes and also the favorite of many, thanks not only to its sweetness, but also its thick, soft crumb that characterizes it. That is why we share with you our carrot cake with cream cheese frosting recipe to prepare at home. Imprimir Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Desserts Tiempo de Preparación:  15 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  40 mins Tiempo Total:  55 mins Porciones: 8   Ingredientes / Ingredients 2 cups flour 1 [...]

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Chocolate covered strawberries. Recipe

February is the month of lovers, but it is also a month of friendship, and the month in which we can celebrate not just romantic love, but the love of our family, the love to the life and the love to ourselves . Valentine's Day began to be celebrated, contrary to what many think, back in the year 1842 with the sale of the first postcards known as valentines, but its origins date back to the Roman Empire. And to celebrate it, nothing like a delicate, fresh, and elegant dessert, as are these chocolate covered strawberries, a romantic recipe you can make at home without much effort. Prepare these chocolate covered strawberries is very simple, but has a few tricks you'll want to know before [...]

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Mexican walnut cookies (Polvorones). Recipe

The recipe I share with you today also has a story to tell, it's for make Mexican walnut cookies, also known as polvorones, and these are usually prepared during the Christmas season in Mexico to give to our loved ones. It happens that in the United States these cookies have been misnamed as "Mexican Wedding Cookies", name that is not correct because here in Mexico we don't have any special cookies for weddings. The first time I saw that title I was surprised to see they was talking about our traditional polvorones, and maybe, a more acceptable title would be "Mexican Christmas cookies", as it is in the holiday season when most are prepared in Mexican homes. These walnut cookies, although I knew as a [...]

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Chocolate muffins. Recipe

Something I like to do to save time in the morning without sacrificing a good energizing breakfast is to bake, on Sunday, a loaf cake or muffins and store them in a sealed container, ready for use during the week, saving me from making everyday a sandwich of ham and cheese or fruit jam, that in addition tires my palate so easily. I've left you here my recipe for strawberry yogurt loaf cake and the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, both are our favorite. I owe you the recipe for a perfect banana bread, but this time I want to share the recipe for chocolate muffins, so delicious you have to try them. In this recipe I use buttermilk, a popular dairy ingredient in the United [...]

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Glazed cinnamon rolls. Recipe

When the winds of autumn begin and the first frosts appear and Christmas approaches, we crave for dishes with ingredients that provide heat to our bodies and festive aroma to home. For all of that nothing like cinnamon, one spice used tu prepare atoles, traditional fruit punch and various desserts, sush as this glazed cinnamon rolls. I must warn you, this recipe is not quick to prepare, since it takes several steps including time for rising the dough, that has to be done twice, so you have to set aside about three hours of your time to do them (of course we can do other things during the 2 hours while the dough doubles it size).  But certainly, all this time and effort is worth [...]

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