Sweeten your life and your family with these delicious dessert recipes

Plum almond tart. Recipe

When it comes to making desserts, I always like to add some fruit to them, because there's nothing that gives so much magic to a food such as fresh fruit. In late spring an summer, it's easy to find in our markets red plums, a fruit that is very juicy. And, although I usually prefer to eat them fresh, I can not deny that baked is exquisite, and as example, this plum almond tart. Imprimir Tarta almendrada de ciruela. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Desserts Tiempo de Preparación:  15 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  30 mins Tiempo Total:  45 mins Porciones: 8   Ingredientes / Ingredients To the shortcrust pastry 200 grams of flour 1 pinch of salt 100 grams of butter 3 tablespoons ice water 1 [...]

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Chocolate chip cookies. Recipe

I know a few people who do not like chocolate, and many that fascinates them, and just to them, the chocolate chip cookies are their favorite. Today, there are several commercial brands of cookies to choose from. They are for example, Nabisco's Chips Ahoy, Marinela's Triki-Trakes and Gamesa's Chokis. And while they are a quick option to give us a taste, nothing like  homemade chocolate chip cookies. And the truth is to cook them is not complicated, has its own charm and gives you the advantage of making them healthier and even decide if you want them softer or crispier. The recipe I show you today, carries in his ingredients natural oats, so we reduce the amount of flour without losing flavor and without we notice [...]

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Apple pies. Recipe

The recipe for this week is for a cold winter day, but also for find comfort during the rainy summer afternoons.  It comes to individual apple pies, something similar but much better than apple pies of Burger King. To cook them, we need puff pastry; we can make it at home (at not traditional way) as I explained in the recipe, or we can buy it ready made at a bakery or supermarket. For this recipe, nothing like using Granny Smith apples, as their flavor and firm texture make theme perfect for cooking. Imprimir Apple pies. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - cocinamuyfacil.com Categoría: Dessert Tiempo de Preparación:  10 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  20 mins Tiempo Total:  30 mins Porciones: 4   Ingredientes / Ingredients For the filling 2 Granny Smith [...]

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Lemon pie with cream cheese. Recipe

It's summer, and it seems nothing more at this time that refreshing desserts. Months ago, when I published the recipe of lemon pie with Marías crackers, you asked me for the recipe of lemon pie with cream cheese, and there's no better days to do it that these.  Again, it's a dessert that does not need to turn on the oven and requires few ingredients. Top it off, the main mix is made it in a blender, making it more easier. To the pie crust, some of you will want to add a couple of tablespoons of sugar. This time, I didn't, because the contrast of condensed milk and lemon is well accompanied by a crust that has not greater pretensions. Imprimir Lemon pie with cream cheese. [...]

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