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Pork loin in mandarin sauce. Christmas recipe

One of the meats that we usually prepare for Christmas dinner or New Year dinner is the pork loin. Here in Cocina Muy Facil we have already published several recipes to prepare it, and this time, we recommend this delicious pork loin in mandarin sauce. Prepare this pork loin in mandarin sauce is not complicated, but we need to choose the most juicy and sweet mandarins we can find. To create juiciness in the meat and give that beautiful golden color, we roast the pork loin in the oven with some ingredients that give flavor and the we prepare the mandarin sauce. As you can see from the photos, I've served with potato wedges and a sprig of fresh oregano for garnish, but we can [...]

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Mexican pizza. Recipe | cocinamuyfacil.com

Like burgers, pizza is one of those foods I prefer to cook at home, and it is really simple to make, much cheaper, and also more flavorful. Sometimes, I make whole wheat, and many other with all-purpose flour. For the topping or filling, usually I use what I have in the pantry, unless it has already been in my plans to make pizza. A coouple of weeks ago, I made this version of mexican pizza, I've added hamburger meat that we bought in the supermarket to try, as usual, we ended up staying with homemade burgers, but if you don't have this type of prepared meat, just use ground meat. About the baking pizza sheet, you will notice in the pictures that I have not [...]

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Homemade burgers. Recipe

When we talk about fast food, kings are always: pizza, fried chicken, hot dogs, tacos and burgers of course, being the fried chicken and burgers preferred by children. And I'm sure that you can not deny me that when it comes to bringing to eat out to children, they always end up asking to go to Kentucky, McDonalds or Burger King, which to be honest, nor are the healthiest or cheaper options . Come on, we do not even know anything about the freshness of the ingredients or how the meat is prepared, among other things. Just for this reason, it is very good to learn how to make hamburgers at home, plus the fact that they are really exquisite and nothing have to ask  to [...]

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