Include more vegetables to your diet with these quick and easy veggie recipes.

Italian stuffed zucchini. Recipe

I'm not going to lie to you, one of the most common ways I serve zucchini at home is filling it out. I love doing it with the traditional mexican recipe of stuffed zucchini with ham and cheese, but I also like to do it with an Italian filling; just the recipe that I share with you today. This recipe for Italian stuffed zucchini, is very easy and really quick, since you make it in 30 minutes, and also is served as your main dish. These stuffed zucchini are easy to accompany with a tomato sauce or cheese sauce or pasta; not rice because it's part of the filling. Imprimir Italian stuffed zucchini. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Veggies Cocina / Cuisine: Italian Tiempo de Preparación:  [...]

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Chicken and broccoli pasta salad Recipe

The following recipe of chicken salad that I will share with you, is one of my favorites, the reason: it is a complete meal. In Mexico, you usually eat first a soup or a pasta and then a stew, but with this pasta salad with chicken and brocoli you have everything in one dish. In addition, the combination of its main ingredients pasta, chicken, broccoli, and pepper results in a true delight when you add a little cream at the time of serving. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Imprimir Ensalada de pasta con pollo y brócoli. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Ensaladas Cocina / Cuisine: Mexicana Tiempo de Preparación:  20 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  15 mins Tiempo Total:  35 mins Porciones: 4 [...]

Pasta with vegetables. Recipe

Today's recipe is really full of nutrients, it is a rich pasta with vegetables. Sometimes it is difficult to incorporate vegetables into our dishes, so have at hand a recipe that is simple and can be varied is indispensable. To this recipe, you can give another touch of flavor serving it with a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce with chipotle, or with a little sour cream or even mayonnaise, why not? As you will see, the list of ingredients in this recipe for pasta with vegetables is small, so is very cheap but tasty and provide a lot of energy. You don't need rather than pasta, carrots, mushrooms and peas. Imprimir Pasta with vegetables. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Pasta Tiempo de Preparación:  15 mins [...]

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Sauteed green beans with red onion. Recipe

Christmas Eve and New Year dinners are usually loaded with dishes high in calories and protein, so a balance is essential to our health care during the holidays. To achieve this we draw on what we serve as an accompaniment to our main dishes. With that in mind, I share with you this recipe for sauteed green beans with red onion, besides being a very economical dish and have excellent flavor, adds a good amount of healthy nutrients. And, green beans are at their best season during the months of November and December, giving the best of their nutrients, among which include vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, calcium, iron and magnesium. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber and provide a really [...]

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Mashed potatoes. Recipe

A couple of months ago a reader asked me how to make smooth mashed potatoes and I realized that I hadn't publish the recipe, although it's one of those dishes than we often eat at home. After all, is the perfect accompaniment to red meats and even fish. Also, I have not yet met who do not like it. If we want to achieve a smooth and creamy mashed potatoes instead of a dry and crumbly, then there are some little secrets that begin with choosing good potatoes. In Mexico, we are fortunate that our fields produce about 20 types of potatoes. For our purposes, we must look for white potatoes with flat and thin shell, taking care that they aren't very new, as these [...]

Spinach stuffed potato roll. Recipe

Now you know, I love trying new recipes, and am of those who believes that eating healthy does not have to be boring, and that's just what I found in this recipe for spinach stuffed potato roll, inspired by the book Cocina Saludable de Doña Lupita, recipe that I modified to reduce some amounts of fat, intensify the flavor of the main ingredients and ensure that the puree will not break when spooled . It is a dish that can serve us to accompany any grilled meat, or we can serve as starter for a three-course meal,  I really enjoyed to serve it with chicken in olives sauce because fresh parsley contrast with the texture and flavor of the stew. Imprimir Spinach stuffed potato roll. Recipe Autor:: Mary [...]

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