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Mexican Shredded Beef Salad

The warm season has already arrived throughout the country, and even though the weather has played a trick on us with some untimely rains and hailstorms, not characteristic of this time, we can't deny that we've stowed away our coats and moved away from piping hot dishes in favor of salads, refreshing dishes, and cold desserts. Hence, I felt the urge to prepare this mexican shredded beef salad, a recipe that showcases the significant influence of Spanish cuisine on Mexican cooking. Let's remember that beef was introduced to Mexico during the era of the conquistadors. The Spanish-originated beef "salpicón," made with chopped beef and bacon, dressed with oil and vinegar, is somewhat akin to the mexican shredded beef salad we know in our country. Our [...]

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Mexican chicken burritos. Recipe

National holidays are approaching in Mexico, and it is the time when the cravings for typical Mexican food are booming, we want quesadillas, gorditas, tacos, sopes, flautas, burritos, mole, charro beans, tlayudas, chiles en nogada , pozole and an infinity of dishes that are par excellence part of our culture and our gastronomy. To give that pleasure without laborious preparations, I show you the recipe to prepare some Mexican chicken burritos. To make your work easier you can use refried canned beans, but nothing like making burritos with homemade beans. We can serve them with avocado, sour cream or a sauce of your choice. This time, I've decided to use a simple mexican sauce made with boiled tomatoes, salt and chipotle chili. Imprimir Mexican chicken [...]

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Cream cheese flan. Recipe

I have notice, dear readers, that you like desserts too much. Me too!, so I'll tray to post desserts more often, sweet recipes that make us easier to handle our day. Today, I share with you the recipe for a traditional Mexican dessert that everybody loves: the cream cheese flan. It's a really refreshing dessert, perfect to serve in any season, but also, it's a really easy dessert to prepare. We can do it in the oven, in the pressure cooker or even on the stove top if we hadn't an opportunity to cook it with other options. At home, I usually do it in a flan ring with lid, but we can also occupy the same recipe to make individual portions, although in that [...]

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Queen poblano chile strips. Recipe

Mexican cuisine is frequent theme in Cocina Muy Facil, that's because at home we are very proud of it. Today's recipe is for prepare Queen poblano chile strips, a recipe with only four main ingredients, where the hardest part is roasting, peel and devein chiles. Of course, who wants to make preparation even easier, can choose to buy the frozen poblano chile strips, easily found in supermarkets. Personally, I prefer to prepare them at home, as I believe frozen poblano chiles have a somewhat sweet taste that does not appeal to me. The first time I prepare these Queen poblano chiles strips was also the first time I did a bain-marie in the oven. To do this, is important to place a cloth in the center of the [...]

Chicken in red pipian. Recipe

Red pipian, is one of those dishes of Mexican cuisine that is prepared in every home, and you could say it is the most basic of our moles.  Of prehispanic origin, has come down to us through heredity passed from voice to voice. Sure, each person has their own way of doing it at home, adding some more types of chiles, more variety of seeds, using others meats, but the basis is the same. At home, we prepare it only with chile ancho and sesame, and is delicious, doesn't need any more. Imprimir Chicken in Red Pipian. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Chicken Cocina / Cuisine: Mexican Tiempo de Preparación:  10 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  30 mins Tiempo Total:  40 mins Porciones: 6   Ingredientes / Ingredients [...]

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Mexican red rice. Recipe

Red rice or mexican rice, is one of the basic recipes that in every Mexican kitchen  should be known. It is a traditional recipe, full of flavor that accompanies most of our moles and other dishes. It serves as the perfect entry for both, a daily meal or a holiday, and may even be the basis for an unplanned lunch. It is simply amazing. We see it served at the best parties and celebrations in our towns, accompanying Poblano or Oaxacan Mole, or other less named but equally delicious moles, but also we see it served in tacos, or become a complete lunch next to a banana and fried eggs. It is able to accompany the most exquisite and elaborate dishes of our cuisine, but it is [...]