How to make crêpes. Recipe

In recent years, one of the fastest dishes began to look more at the malls are crêpes stuffed with sweet or savory treats. The crêpes are of French origin, and its preparation is quite simple and inexpensive, so we can draw on them at home to prepare a quick dessert, or to do something different for dinner. With its delicate texture, crêpes are the perfect wrap for almost any type of food. We can make them in any nonstick skillet or in a special pan for pancakes, I use one with 9-inch diameter. To prevent sticking crêpes, we must ensure wash and dry it properly, then heating and greased. When making the dough, we must be careful not beat the dough too much, because if [...]

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Mexican walnut cookies (Polvorones). Recipe

The recipe I share with you today also has a story to tell, it's for make Mexican walnut cookies, also known as polvorones, and these are usually prepared during the Christmas season in Mexico to give to our loved ones. It happens that in the United States these cookies have been misnamed as "Mexican Wedding Cookies", name that is not correct because here in Mexico we don't have any special cookies for weddings. The first time I saw that title I was surprised to see they was talking about our traditional polvorones, and maybe, a more acceptable title would be "Mexican Christmas cookies", as it is in the holiday season when most are prepared in Mexican homes. These walnut cookies, although I knew as a [...]

Pasta with vegetables. Recipe

Today's recipe is really full of nutrients, it is a rich pasta with vegetables. Sometimes it is difficult to incorporate vegetables into our dishes, so have at hand a recipe that is simple and can be varied is indispensable. To this recipe, you can give another touch of flavor serving it with a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce with chipotle, or with a little sour cream or even mayonnaise, why not? As you will see, the list of ingredients in this recipe for pasta with vegetables is small, so is very cheap but tasty and provide a lot of energy. You don't need rather than pasta, carrots, mushrooms and peas. Imprimir Pasta with vegetables. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Pasta Tiempo de Preparación:  15 mins [...]

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Chicken breasts in sweet pepper cream. Recipe for Christmas

Today's recipe has a story, and is that was part of the menu I served the first Christmas that I hat to organize. At that time, we just changed our residence and at home only had a simple two burner stove, so dinner required to be not very complicated and do not need oven. Among look here and there, I decided to prepare these chicken breasts in sweet pepper cream, and the result was much better than I expected. Now that I analyze it, I realize that the taste and texture are warranted for two ingredients that always give a twist to any dish: cream cheese and evaporated milk, ingredients which in this date I still buy in Philadelphia and Carnation Clavel trademarks, because their quality is not [...]

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Pork loin in mandarin sauce. Christmas recipe

One of the meats that we usually prepare for Christmas dinner or New Year dinner is the pork loin. Here in Cocina Muy Facil we have already published several recipes to prepare it, and this time, we recommend this delicious pork loin in mandarin sauce. Prepare this pork loin in mandarin sauce is not complicated, but we need to choose the most juicy and sweet mandarins we can find. To create juiciness in the meat and give that beautiful golden color, we roast the pork loin in the oven with some ingredients that give flavor and the we prepare the mandarin sauce. As you can see from the photos, I've served with potato wedges and a sprig of fresh oregano for garnish, but we can [...]

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Creamy Lemon Chicken. Recipe

December is here! and we continue with the task of finding the best recipes for Christmas and New Year. This week, our proposal is a creamy lemon chicken, a Christmas recipe that has a great taste and we can prepare without using the oven. You know that chicken is one of the most noble meat, and it always combine wonderfully with lemon. It's as if both ingredients were right for each other. Thinking about Christmas dinner, I opted to use chicken breasts because them look much better on the table and are juicy and tender if we cook it the right way. However, if the budget does not allow it, or if we prepare this for any weekday, there's no problem in using other chicken [...]

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Sauteed green beans with red onion. Recipe

Christmas Eve and New Year dinners are usually loaded with dishes high in calories and protein, so a balance is essential to our health care during the holidays. To achieve this we draw on what we serve as an accompaniment to our main dishes. With that in mind, I share with you this recipe for sauteed green beans with red onion, besides being a very economical dish and have excellent flavor, adds a good amount of healthy nutrients. And, green beans are at their best season during the months of November and December, giving the best of their nutrients, among which include vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, calcium, iron and magnesium. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber and provide a really [...]

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Ham and cheese salad. Recipe

Usually, all of us relate the word salad to diet. But this is not exactly correct. The salads are much more than a diet, they are a way to include healthy foods in our diet. The advantage of them, depending on the ingredients it takes, the diner and the time that are served, they can be served as a single dish, as accompanying of the main course, as a starter or as a final dish. This time I share with you the recipe for a simple and light ham and cheese salad, which is perfect to serve at lunch or dinner, and takes such simple ingredients like lettuce, ham, cheese, potatoes and nuts to give it a crispy touch. Imprimir Ensalada de jamón y queso. Receta [...]

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