Guacamole. Recipe

Some time ago, I wrote an article on Directo al Paladar México, sharing my thoughts on a recipe published in The New York Times - a pea-infused guacamole that, in my view, stripped away the traditional essence of one of our most iconic dishes: guacamole. In Mexico, we love to enjoy this dish as a snack, a side dish, or simply smeared over corn tortilla tacos, savoring every bite for the pure joy it brings. Mexican guacamole, like many of our culinary treasures, comes with a story that traces back to Quetzalcóatl, who is said to have bestowed the guacamole recipe upon the Toltecs. From there, it spread across Mesoamerica. In every region, every household, and even within the minds of each cook, there's a [...]

Tres leches cake (milk cake) recipe

This year, I've been asked multiple times to share the recipe for the tres leches cake that we all love so much in Mexico. It's one of those homemade cakes that we truly relish, and for celebrating a birthday, it's often among the top choices. Interestingly, it happens to be my husband's favorite cake, and his birthday was this month. So, I indulged his preference and baked it. We enjoyed it so much! and it disappeared very quickly. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to snap some photos, ensure the recipe's quality, and share it with all of you. Imprimir Pastel de tres leches. Receta Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Pasteles y Tartas Cocina / Cuisine: Mexicana Tiempo de Preparación:  30 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  [...]