Mexican corn cake. Recipe

This corn cake with condensed milk is one of the easiest Mexican desserts to bake, since it has few ingredients and you only need a blender, a glass baking dish and the oven. I decided to prepare it this Sunday, and I was surprised at how fast and easy is to prepare. Imprimir Mexican corn cake. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Dessert Cocina / Cuisine: Mexican Tiempo de Preparación:  20 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  50 mins Tiempo Total:  1 hora 10 mins Porciones: 1hr 10min   Corn cake recipe in a blender. A Mexican dessert full of tradition and homemade flavor Ingredientes / Ingredients 500 grams cooked corn kernels ¾ can of condensed milk ¾ cup of flour 45 grams of butter, room temperature 2 eggs 2 [...]

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Five Food Delivery Apps Worth Checking Out

The arrival of Covi-19 vaccines in 2021 brought a glimmer of hope to Americans who have been confined in their homes for a long time. However, the logistics required to vaccinate the entire population are quite challenging, which means residents in Florida could spend even more time indoors.  Being confined to your house stops you from doing lots of activities. Shopping for groceries and other ingredients you can use to prepare a home-cooked meal is one of the things most Americans miss.  However, you can get food delivered right to your home just by tapping on your phone. Food delivery applications have enabled Florida residents to enjoy takeout without stepping out of their homes.     Shopping During the Pandemic Has Changed The airborne virus has resulted [...]

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Italian stuffed zucchini. Recipe

I'm not going to lie to you, one of the most common ways I serve zucchini at home is filling it out. I love doing it with the traditional mexican recipe of stuffed zucchini with ham and cheese, but I also like to do it with an Italian filling; just the recipe that I share with you today. This recipe for Italian stuffed zucchini, is very easy and really quick, since you make it in 30 minutes, and also is served as your main dish. These stuffed zucchini are easy to accompany with a tomato sauce or cheese sauce or pasta; not rice because it's part of the filling. Imprimir Italian stuffed zucchini. Recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Veggies Cocina / Cuisine: Italian Tiempo de Preparación:  [...]

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Chicken stir fry (chop suey). Recipe

The chop suey or chicken stir fry is a recipe of Chinese-American origin very easy to cook, since in reality, it is only necessary to chop the meat and the vegetables, and these are cooked quickly in a wok, which aims to keep intact the flavor and aroma of the food. If you do not have a wok, you can do it in a pan (the deeper, the better), just make sure that it is very hot when you put the ingredients, and temperature is constant. What is important to say about the use of the wok is that it must be preheated for at least one minute, so that when the ingredients are added, it is very hot. You will notice that the recipe [...]

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French toast with strawberry jam. Recipe

  Everyone has their own recipe for French toast, and many of us have enjoyed it in our homes since our childhood. We can not deny that it is truly delicious as well as easy, so it is the perfect breakfast to start our day. On this occasion, instead of the classic French toast, I share a French toast recipe filled with strawberry jam to give it a different touch in flavor and presentation. You can use the jam that you like the most, at home, we like to use the strawberry, blackberry, the pear and even the fig jams.   Imprimir French toast with strawberry jam recipe Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Breakfast Tiempo de Preparación:  5 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  15 mins Tiempo Total:  [...]

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Rosemary chicken with potatoes

Writing the title of the recipe, I remembered that old song from the 80's, "Pollito con papas" from a group called The Super Show of the Vázquez. Maybe many of you do not remember the song, maybe you did not know it, but for many years it was a cumbia that, in addition to playing at all the parties, it was also played at the supermarket. History aside, and away from the double meaning that can have that expression, we will focus on the dish, and today we will prepare a rich rosemary chicken with potatoes, a recipe that besides being very easy to prepare is very economical. The addition of rosemary gives an exceptional aroma and flavor that sure will whet the appetite to [...]

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Apple, celery and walnuts chicken salad

This chicken salad is very tasty, and it has a sweet taste that I am sure your family will love, as it is lightly seasoned with natural yogurt and mayonnaise, two favorite flavors for children and adults. In addition, this apple, celery and walnuts chicken salad can  be served as a complete meal, you will not have to worry about an appetizer, or dessert. Also it's ideal for summer season, as it is served cold. Here's the recipe: Imprimir Apple, celery and walnuts chicken salad Autor:: Mary Soco - Categoría: Ensaladas Tiempo de Preparación:  10 mins Tiempo de Cocción:  20 mins Tiempo Total:  30 mins Porciones: 2   Ingredientes / Ingredients ½ chicken breast ½ cup of sliced celery (in very small pieces) 1 granny apple with [...]

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Mexican chicken burritos. Recipe

National holidays are approaching in Mexico, and it is the time when the cravings for typical Mexican food are booming, we want quesadillas, gorditas, tacos, sopes, flautas, burritos, mole, charro beans, tlayudas, chiles en nogada , pozole and an infinity of dishes that are par excellence part of our culture and our gastronomy. To give that pleasure without laborious preparations, I show you the recipe to prepare some Mexican chicken burritos. To make your work easier you can use refried canned beans, but nothing like making burritos with homemade beans. We can serve them with avocado, sour cream or a sauce of your choice. This time, I've decided to use a simple mexican sauce made with boiled tomatoes, salt and chipotle chili. Imprimir Mexican chicken [...]

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